Dana Snyder-Grant

My life has several strands, different, yet interconnected.
I work as a psychotherapist, specializing in chronic physical illness and disability.   I help my clients learn that they are more than their illness and that grief and regeneration are a necessary part of their lives.  I also give presentations to mental health professionals on the challenge of chronic illness.  I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1981.  Having entered the culture of illness, I have been unable to remain immune to that world.
pen2.gif (1438 bytes) I am also a writer of personal essays and newspaper columns. Here are some samples. I write stories of community, stories of nature, stories of living with illness and other stories of everyday life.  A book of my writings has just been published: Just Like Life, Only More So and Other Stories of Illness  (Trail's End Publishers, 2006). For more information, click here.
people.gif (4752 bytes) Last, but not least, I live at New View Cohousing in Acton, Massachusetts with my husband and two cats.  With 23 other families, we have created a world where community bonds and spontaneous interactions sustain us.
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