Dana Snyder-Grant

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Here are some samples of my writings, originally published in the Acton (MA) Beacon. The latest is on the top -- Enjoy!

Mindful Matters in the New Year (January 2012)

The Path of Unknowing

Becoming Conscious

Searching for What is Broken (April 2010)

The Balance of Doing and Being (December 2009)

Pooh-Inspired Ducks on a Lazy Summer Day (July 2008)

Crossing The Divide (November 2007)

Just In Case (July 2007)

Aging Towards Perfection (October 2005)

The She That is Me (June 2003)

My Hat, My Self (January 2002)

A Magical, Mysterious Joy Above Treeline (August 2001)

Illness, Lies, and the Television Version (May 2001)

And please let me know what you think: